IEEE EMC2 2023 Technical Program

Conference will be held Singapore Standard Time (UTC+8 hours)
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The workshop we are planning should present both the current situation regarding planetary boundaries and the different industries that are negatively affecting the boundaries. It is important to discuss how these industries should evolve to decrease to zero their negative impact on the boundaries. This presentation should be oriented to the climate change, i.e., how they are impacting the climate and what changes they are producing. It will be interesting to be able to present data regarding GHG emissions for each sector.

Next the workshop should address the consequences of the climate change on the human life considering at least the following topics:

  • Human health
  • Migration
  • Food security
  • Economy/Poverty

The last part of the workshop should address the potential solutions of the problem and how the technology can make a real impact on these solutions. A roadmap should be created as a result and conclusion of the workshop.

Program at a glance: TBD